Reformer Teacher Training Certificate

Full Comprehensive Classical *Reformer Training
8 Workshop Sessions          Saturdays 12-5pm


Dates: *Feb 22(Mat Basics or pre-req),                                              


March 14, 21, 28,  April 4, 18,                                                                                                                       *May 1 (*Fri 5-8  test review) &    May  2 (test day)


Location: Shred Pilates , 124 King Street, Cohasset MA


You will be continuously guided and supported in this 3-month journey



  • You want to teach Pilates

  • You want to become National Certified -earn the NCPT credential (formerly PMA-CPT)

  • You are a student who wants to understand form and intent to get a better workout and high-level results.


Cost: $2200.00


  • All training materials and workshops

  • In-depth expert instruction,

  • Online resources-videos and reading materials,

  • All testing if applicable. Participants wishing to teach will be required to complete homework assignments and complete written and practical testing.

  • This program can be a bridge toward Comprehensive National Certification.

  • Payment programs available.


Contact: Laurette Ryan, NCPT   Ph# 617-435-3185 or

Sign-up online or by phone

*Laurette Ryan has been teaching Pilates for over 30 years and is a subject matter expert for the National Certification.                                                                                                                                                 * Additional course material and instruction for receiving a Mat Teacher Credential can be added on in if this your goal.

Please review all refund policies before purchase****


Yes this is a complete classical repertoire

YES! You can attend if even if you never intend to teach, for your own knowledge

Payment agreements are as follows:

$1000 deposit,3 payments $500 due by Feb 29, March 21 , April 18.

To earn Mat Teacher Certificate additional studies required- 50% off regular fee*

Other programs cost 2-3 times more and may not be teaching you the full classical which is the most important place for you to begin in your training -do not be fooled, Balancepoint has 20 years experience and a 100% pass rate for National examination.

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