• Laurette Ryan-President

Teacher Training is the Beginning

I had several discussions last week with Pilates teachers. We were talking about assessing the value of your training. One had been speaking with a teacher from another school who claimed hours made the difference? Often teachers think if the spend a lot of money -that must be the best training? I want to strongly disagree on both these measuring points.

Our training program is a mere 500 hours- it isn't too pricey either. There is a good reason for both these points. Have over 40 years in teaching movement and 20 years as a Pilates teacher training program. The first comprehensive Pilates training based in Massachusetts and continuing to the present. I know that your first teacher training must be complete, classical and prepare you to pass national examination. It must also give you a firm foundation to be a discerning teacher. It is not costly- because I expect you to continue to educate yourself forever- even after you are certified. The learning never ends.

Your training program should educate you to be able to tell classical Pilates form contemporary Pilates from the stuff that just isn't Pilates at all. We do that.

Your training program should make you employable upon graduation- you should have the skills. You training program should never leave you wondering if you learned- Real Pilates! You should be competent and confident and yet realize , you can learn more.

You should know the history of this work- Past and Present!

Return to Life through Contrology -should be in your personal library.

Respect those who came before you- and support those who will come after you!

My 2 cents.....


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