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There is no perfect in Pilates!

Hi friends,

Today like most of my days, I was teaching Pilates. I am very lucky and blessed to have a job, nay a career that I can wake up to everyday, excited for the adventure. Seriously! I love it that much.

Today was no exception. Today as I taught a small group class, a few students I've been consistently working with about 4 months, I realized that although people view movement in chunks, in patterns.... patterns they often interpret with their bodies-let's say incorrectly...(in my honest voice- I would tell you- it's ugly! Please STOP) It is my responsibility and delight to slow it down, break it apart -teach the parts in all their delicious simplicity and then glue it all back together- the best way we can in one hour of sweaty success. I would say perfectly, but let's face it- what would that even mean?

The Perfect movement does not exist. The near perfect movement may exist- it is like a rare butterfly, of course- spotted only once a year on some inaccessible mountain top. So I go for the near perfect movement. Then I string together several of these near perfect gems to create a workable, maybe effective, possibly passable version of whatever exercise we happen to be exploring that day. If it's hitting the mark- I'll admit it, I may shriek with delight. (I'm sure that's what led to my parting ways at a certain studio, recently- just kidding....maybe) In any case- I truly get excited about good movement. When the student has that A-HA moment it's my brass ring.

Today. we explored teaser- teaser on the reformer, with the box, without the box,on the carriage-with and without straps, teaser with the push-thru bar,on the chair....in a house , with a mouse...wait, no that was last week...

One of the delicious simplicities of teaser, that most of our students are missing, is that piece where you connect your upper quadrant ( shoulders, rib cage, arms) into the powerhouse. Adequate activation, connection and strength of the rotator cuff muscles , serratus anterior and latissimus dorsi and anterior deltoid are required. This activation leads to control and the support and movement of the upper torso in the lifting and then the lowering, of the upper body. Any weakness or lack of neuromuscular coordination becomes most evident in teaser on the box on the reformer with straps. By practicing teaser in on the Mat, on the Cadillac or Tower with special attention to the upper body connection to the powerhouse, the student is better able to manage their best teaser on the long box.

Often students just see teaser as making a V-shape with their body. By fine tuning all the- literally "moving parts" we can guide students to stronger more stable and effective movement.

There are several "picture perfect" Pilates exercises, the teaser is one. Some look more perfect than others. But in all that, never forget it can always be better, and that never ends. That's the main reason to you can do Pilates for life. Study the simplicities , fine tune, keep it moving .

There is a trendy thing called Teaser Tuesdays. I would love to see your versions! Tag me on IG or FB and have a brilliant day!

Laurette Ryan


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