Balancepoint Teacher Mentorship Program 2021

Team up with one of our highly qualified teacher trainer mentors to become a comprehensively trained Pilates teacher. This Program is perfect for those who are unable to attend regularly scheduled workshops or want to complete their training on an individual schedule. We accept Bridge students from other programs with documentation and can create a curriculum to fill in any and all gaps in order to prepare you for NCCA  accredited  international certification to earn the NCPT credential. Our 100% pass rate speaks for itself.

You will be guided, supported and  educated in all apparatus and Mat in the classical technique as well as explore modern interpretations, so your knowledge base will give you the most successful foundation in this work.

Classes during COVID- take place virtually and for apparatus, one to one in person following all safety protocols!

Who is this for:

*Those who do well with individual guidance

*Those desiring to complete their comprehensive training- regardless of program or school.

*Those wanting to learn a foundation in the work which is true and authentic

*Those wishing to successfully attain a true 3rd party certification credential.

Meet our Mentors:

Laurette Ryan PMA-NCPT  (MA,RI,NH)

Beth LaPerriere PMA-NCPT (MA)

Melissa Wilson PMA-NCPT (NC)


Rates are subject to type of curriculum,materials and hours required. We tailor each program to the individual and their needs.


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