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About Me

Laurette Ryan PMA-CPT, CSC is happy to launch her one to one personalized signature training in her private Pilates studio, Pilates at Holmes.

She brings her uniquely effective approach to achieving the best fitness and wellness possible for you. Her over 35 years in the industry is evident in the diverse students she can successfully coach with cutting edge exercise science.

Owner of Balancepoint Pilates Teacher Training with satellite programs in Massachusetts and North Carolina since 1999.Laurette is a national fitness presenter, CEC provider for PMA, AFAA and NASM and has taught movement classes and provided continuing education for fitness professionals for over 35 years. Developer of SYNC Coaching System and author of “Basic Cuing for Pilates Teachers”, “Ready for Pilates for Everybody”, “The Professional Pilates Teachers Handbook”and “Jump Ahead” . She enjoys writing articles on Pilates and fitness, Laurette@lauretteryan.com

“Decide to live your body, right now”


Signature Training Programs


Classical Pilates training on all apparatus. Train like the stars. Laurette provides a solid training program of authentic exercises with modern adaptations as needed for accelerated results. Programs for beginners through very advanced students.


Do you play golf or tennis, run track, baseball and more? Pilates work will improve sports performance without a doubt! Used by professionals for decades. Laurette has worked very successfully with golfers and tennis players at the highest level.

Body Makeover

Looking to really change your body, increase your wellness and take control. The Signature Body Makeover program -6 weeks intensive is the answer to your desires. When your ready for change - this program is your answer.


Experienced an injury or dealing with pain and functional challenges. Laurette is experienced with these challenges and will work with you to overcome obstacles. Having a movement guide on your personal wellness team is a valuable addition. Motivation and movement.

SYNC Flexibility

Cutting edge exercise science technique to help you break-through. Become more flexible, reduce pain, increase range of motion for health, wellness and active lifestyles.

These sessions leave your body feeling rejuvenated ,relaxed and incredible.

Performers Plus!

As a former performer and years of working to help performers achieve greater ease and connection through movement, let the specialized programming help you move, better, breathe better, connect in your body with confidence and freedom. Truly grow roots to fly.....


Pilates at Holmes | Laurette Ryan

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