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First I want to thank you for being interested!

I have been teaching movement for decades. What I love most is helping others move better, understand things on a strong and "real" level. I teach with your goals at the forefront. I guide you to potentials within you. Movement reveals so many layers of ourselves. 

So now to the technical stuff... why I'm qualified to help you!


Laurette Ryan NCPT, CSC, Owner of Balancepoint Pilates Teacher Training with satellite programs in Massachusetts and North Carolina since 1999. Creator of Balancepoint Online. Laurette is a national fitness presenter, CEC provider for NCPC and has taught movement classes and provided continuing education for fitness professionals for over 38 years.

Laurette started teaching dance and fitness at age 15. Attending the Boston Conservatory of Dance in 1980, where she was first exposed to the Pilates Method.

In 1993 she developed the “Dancer Workout” a Pilates-based exercise class.

 Author of “Basic Cuing for Pilates Teachers”, “Ready for Pilates for Everybody”, “The Professional Pilates Teachers Handbook” “The Pilates Mat Coloring Book” and "Fit to be Tied"- a Pilates murder mystery! 

 She enjoys writing articles on Pilates and fitness and interesting human stuff.

 Laurette is a mother of 4 awesome adults living in Massachusetts, who plans on teaching healthy movement for many, many decades more..... 

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