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Laurette Ryan NCPT - CSC, President

Owner of Balancepoint Pilates Teacher Training with satellite programs in Massachusetts and North Carolina since 1999.

President of Balancepoint Movement Mentors / Balancepoint Online. Laurette is a national fitness presenter, CEC provider for NPCP and has taught movement classes and provided continuing education for fitness professionals for over 35 years. Laurette started teaching dance and fitness at age 15. Attending the Boston Conservatory of Dance in 1980, where she was first exposed to the Pilates Method. In 1993 she developed the “Dancer Workout” a Pilates-based exercise class.


 Author of “Basic Cuing for Pilates Teachers”, “Ready for Pilates for Everybody”, “The Professional Pilates Teachers Handbook”. She enjoys writing articles on Pilates and fitness, originator of and resources for fitness professionals.

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Jenna Grant-NCPT, Pilates Teacher Training Mentor, Principal Teacher

Meet Jenna Grant, a seasoned dancer whose love for movement and fitness has evolved into a passion for Pilates. Jenna's journey in dance began in her childhood and continued through her studies at Dean College. Soon after she discovered her passion for Pilates, which quickly became her primary focus.

Jenna's dedication to mastering Pilates led her to pursue comprehensive training in both Pilates and Barre. However, her thirst for knowledge didn't stop there. Driven by a profound interest in health and well-being, Jenna expanded her expertise by becoming a certified Massage Therapist.

Her fascination with anatomy, fascia, and movement mechanics propelled her into becoming a sought-after practitioner and teacher. As a Principal Teacher at Balancepoint Pilates, Jenna imparts her wealth of knowledge through workshops and teacher training sessions.

Jenna's teaching style is characterized by a perfect blend of no-nonsense instruction and lighthearted encouragement, earning her the loyalty and admiration of countless students. Join Jenna on a journey towards holistic wellness and self-discovery through the transformative power of movement.


Kristin Harris -NCPT, Balancepoint Barre Teacher Training Director, Principal Teacher

Kristin is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher NCPT and a member of The Pilates Method Alliance PMA.  She is a fully trained comprehensive Pilates Mat and Apparatus Teacher.  She is Barre Certified,Barre II Advanced Choreography and a Certified SYNC Coach all through Balancepoint Pilates. 


She is a Certified Yoga Teacher RYT-200 through the Yoga Alliance, YIN Yoga Certified through Open Doors and a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner.  In 2012, Kristin became a member of The Screen Actors Guild and has worked on over 15 Major Motion Pictures filmed in the Boston area.  She studied Acting, Improv and Voice Over work as well.


Kristin’s love of dance and movement started at the age of 5.  She danced and performed all through her high school, college years and into adulthood.  While attending college in Florida she worked as a personal trainer and studied Dance, Theater and Art. 


About 2009 Kristin began taking adult Rhythm Tap classes, Ballet and Pilates at Reed Performing Arts Center in MA.  It was at this time that she knew she wanted to teach.  Her initial Pilates studies with Balancepoint Pilates included 500+ hours of Pilates training with a focus on Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology and function as well as Continuing Education Studies yearly to date. 


She has experience working with a variety of clientele including Pre/Postsurgical, Pre/Postnatal, Athletes, Dancers, Figure Skaters, and Corporate Setting Pilates.  She has experience working with ages 6 through 92!  For Kristin, this is the most exciting part of teaching Pilates.  It is for everybody!  She hopes to touch as many lives as possible through the Pilates Method of Movement.     

Beth LaPerriere NCPT, Southeastern Educational Director

Beth has been in the wellness/fitness field for more than 20 years. She is a AFFA/NASM certified Personal Trainer, Group Ex instructor and Weight Training Coach.


She is a nationally certified NCPT and has practiced Pilates for 15 years. Beth has enjoyed the position of Southeast Education Director for Balancepoint Training for the approximately 20 years.


She decided in 2002 to further her career in Pilates and did her Balancepoint Comprehensive Pilates Training with Laurette Ryan.
Her decision to study Pilates further was due to the personal benefits she has experienced and her clients life improvements through Pilates work.


Her recent personal battle with Lyme disease has led her to an in-depth study and ongoing research project on the benefit of Pilates movement and chronic disease. She truly believes her Pilates practice kept her ability to walk through the neurological challenges of Lyme disease! Beth enjoys presenting wellness ideas and Pilates therapy to local Lyme and chronic disease support groups.
Beth encourages people of all fitness levels and abilities to try Pilates to experience its therapeutic results.

“Pilates has kept my body moving during a time in my life that it really should have fallen apart.... physically and mentally-I have watched others suffering from Lyme that have not been as fortunate as I to have to have an extensive education in Pilates!"


Melissa Wilson -NCPT,Teacher Training Mentor, Principal Teacher


I began my journey into Pilates in January 2004. I just had my first child in December and this was the Christmas gift I asked for.  The class was a mat class and after the third one I was hooked. I practiced once a week for the next two years.  My second child was born and I tested the 10-20-30 sessions, it was So True!


A mat training came to my city and I was fortunate to participate and begin teaching once or twice a week. My thirst to know more was growing. I went back to the original studio and for three years I took a mixed equipment class.

Balancepoint was growing in presence in my community and I was ready to take the next step in my Pilates journey. Laurette taught, inspired, educated me in ways I had not thought possible. Her ability to encourage me to become a thinking teacher and understand what and why the movements worked. After completing the Balancepoint curriculum I advanced on to take and pass the PMA exam.


Currently I teach mat classes, a group reformer class and work with individual clients. My passion for the work keeps me driven. My understanding and commitment is ever evolving as I continue to grow as an instructor.  The rewards I reap for helping others find a way to move that gives them confidence and strength continously inspires me to be the best thinking teacher I can be.

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