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How to Host a Workshop

1.Pick a Workshop or Training
       *See the list of workshops for 2023 below/ Request a
         custom training

2.Pick a Date
        * Contact with dates you have in mind

3.Decide whether you want to run it as a participant-based
                 or facility revenue model 
          *There are 2 ways to host a workshop- a) promote and advertise
            to get the minimum required sign-ups, fees collected 
            by Balancepoint-
or request a flat fee and collect the fees for
            participants yourself to earn extra $$$ for the facility.

4.Sign the agreements
           * An agreement is written up detailing all of the above
             In the case of facility revenue model there is a non-refundable
             deposit, in case of sign-up model the minimum participant
              threshold is required 30 days in advance.
              Once agreement is signed- You workshop is Booked!

5.Make the Announcement
              Time to let everyone know! 

6.Enjoy an Expert Experience at your facility

2023 Offerings:
Spectrum Teaching
Classical Reformer Workshop
Chair Choreography
SYNC- the science of flexibility training
Pilates Silver
Pilates Mat Teacher
Pilates Reformer Teacher
Pilates Comprehensive Teacher
Barre Teacher

Call or Email Today:

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