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Spectrum Teaching

Teaching Pilates to persons on the Autism Spectrum

In this workshop the participant will learn 10 guidelines to be more successful when teaching students

who are on the Autism Spectrum or Neurodivergent.

They will also be familiarized with types of Autism and what the spectrum means.

What is stimming behavior and why it helps, a teachers' best response.

We explore the types of Pilates and or movement classes and sessions

and approaches which may be most successful for those on the spectrum.

This workshop is presented with the most up to date data

AND the perspective of someone on the Spectrum.

Presenter Team
Frankie Ryan

Frankie is a 24-year-old young woman on the autism spectrum. She is a passionate advocate, educating the public in the challenges that face the neurodiverse community. She has taken Pilates since age 10 and Dance since age 2. Her unique perspective personal experience is a valued addition to the science presented.

Laurette Ryan
Laurette is the mother of 4, 2 of whom are on the autism spectrum. She has over 40 years teaching movement classes.
Owner of Balancepoint Pilates Teacher Training since 1999. She feels movement classes are important for ALL human beings for physical, mental, emotional and social health.
This workshop offers real usable tools for classes and for life!
LauretteRyan color headshot.jpg
Contact : Laurette at 617-435-3185 to book a workshop now- CECs pending
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