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Start Teaching Pilates!
Your first step begins with our comprehensive Mat Teacher Program

Balancepoint Mat Teacher Curriculum

Pilates Mat: (100)


•             Pilates History 101

•             Pilates terminology


  • Basic form on all presented Mat exercises                                                                                               

  • Pre-Mat exercise                                                                                                                                                 

  • 50 Balancepoint Basic Mat exercises

  • Original Order

  • Props



•             Core Anatomy and Function

•             Spinal Anatomy and function

•             Basic contraindications & modifications Full Balancepoint Anatomy for Fitness

•             Full Contraindication and Modifications

Best Studio Practices and Professional Ethics



  • Homework Assignment Portfolio

  • Written Quiz on Anatomy

  • Written Quiz on Contraindications

  • Written Exit Exam -pass 80%

  • Practical Exam- At minimum exercises that demonstrate the body in all orientations, supine, prone, side-lying, seated...form, cuing, basic understanding of intention of the exercise.

  • 50 Lab hours

Next Course :

Location : TBA

Sept/Oct/Nov 2024

Tuition Fees:

All-inclusive lectures, practice, materials, manuals, digital references, testing.


Payment Plans : Submitting a deposit, you are agreeing to the payment schedule outlined

You will receive a formal agreement to be signed and recorded by the first session.


Deposit $425-


*payments due first of each month .

1- $333

2- $333

3- $333


by making a deposit you are committing to the payment schedule -

*note: you may be eligible for 50% refund if requested by March 30 11:59 pm-est

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Presented by
Laurette Ryan

Jenna Grant
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