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SYNC Workout System

Coach Training


For Group or Individual Programs

Are you ready to be 10 steps ahead? Top of your field?

The next level in fitness training!


The Training includes:

Complete Group Workout Format

Individualized Protocols for Athletics or Corrective

Coaches Manual



What is SYNC, Good flexibility/Bad Flexibility, Types of Stretch, Joint Anatomy, Mobility & Health, Fascial Fitness, Yoga Postures Primer, The Nervous System Health, Neural Flossing, Lymphatic System Health, Core Basics, Whole Body Movement and Breathing, SYNC for Healthy Daily Movement, SYNC for Fitness, SYNC for Athletes, SYNC for Physical & Mental Well-Being.


The training includes practical movement reviews, lecture and examination.

Each coach will be required to pass the written exam.


All coaches receive reproducible marketing and educational material at no extra fee.

6 CEC for NCPTs

Suitable for Fitness Professionals, Personal Trainers, Movement therapists, massage therapists, group exercise.

Cost: *$299.00

This is an elite Fitness Trainer Diploma , the work and techniques you learn can be used alone or in connection with other training and coaching techniques and incorporated into group classes.)

If you are ready to grow - sign-up today!

Completely Online !

*Rated A+ for Most Comprehensive Online Training!

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  6 CECS for NPCP

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